Monday, March 14, 2005

It's 4am and I'm typing on my couch in the bedroom....LOL

for some time I have had a small laptop which has been pimped and whored for various things, including website design and Quickbooks - now it's my portable poker machine, and this morning it will be my laptop for training to store questions on for home.

it has problems of course....lots of bios/firmware upgrades needed - maybe after this I'll do it - but that stuff is scary. Got Firefox now too - that rocks -

Well, the HORSE tourney dropped me in 31st place - actually did great till Limit Holdem round 3 - I get 77 and flop comes AK6 - BB bets and I don't put him on A or K cause he'll raise - so I call turn 3 and river 3 - he has Q3 (was on a spade draw - 4 to the flop actually) - so I made the perfect call for a medicore player but couldn't beat the runner runner 3's

With all due respect to my fellow bloggers - I was a bit surprised - The standard action in a game you don't know is to check post flop if you're unsure - I made a lot more bluffs without being totally aware of the strength of my hand just on the fact so many of them would be more cautious - lots of fun - and a great refresher brainwise to be changing games/starting standards every 10 min. I hope Full Tilt implements more of them -

well shit....4 hrs till class - 2.5 till I shower and get in the car (I'd rather get there early and not fight parking/rush hour, to be honest) - I slept from 11pm to 2am - I had drunk dreams - where you dream you're drinking, and I tried to slip one in for last call and when I awoke, blam - 2am - funny timing - with a bit of Red Bull and some excuse making I should be good for a few hrs - or maybe not...who knows -

placed 2nd in a 2+2 tourney today - missed a couple Pokerstars ones, and put $100 down on the Full Tilt 50K guarantee that just sorta slowed down a lot near the end - 20 percent again ;) - but that's ok - I know what I did right - just couldn't beat bad cards.

I made a great read earlier - called with QQ on an A high board - took me forever, but being as how I showed aggression, I didn't think he'd overplay an A the way it appeared he did - (he had 10/J for no pair) - I love it when I can see the cards - that's half the skill to being a champion -

the other half being dodging bullets on flop/turn/river - but alas - can't win em all ;)

hell...maybe I'll try to snooze again...but if not, see ya in a few. minutes/hrs/days/weeks - whatever.



At 6:59 AM, Blogger Chris Halverson said...

Sorry man, I didn't see that you played the HORSE event. I've updated mine to reflect that you indeed took the MN top placement :)


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